Trooli worth the wait

We are very proud to serve the communities of Kent and East Sussex. Full fibre broadband like ours is only available to 18% of premises in the UK, and we look forward to serving more towns and villages in these areas which in the past, have suffered from slow speeds and poor service reliability.

Over the coming weeks you may spot some of our strikingly honest, bright yellow adverts in local train stations, roadsides, and local press. You may even see one of our brand new Trooli vans out and about. But Trooli is not just about some new colours and nice adverts. We are also updating all our systems that will help you interact with us and bring you an excellent service.

Please help us spread the good news about Trooli, which is delivering the 1000 Mbit/s services  this area truly deserves. If you’ve checked out this website and like what you see, please subscribe to our Facebook page @troolifibre, like our posts and help us spread the message about our growing full fibre, ultra speedy network.

Network Updates

Paddock Wood

Trooli has arrived in Paddock Wood! Our full fibre network is complete and now ready to connect premises to Gigabit broadband. Paddock Wood joins the lucky 5% of UK households that can get a full fibre ultrafast broadband connection. Enter your postcode in our checker to order a Gigabit service from us today.

Kings Hill and Kate Reed Wood

The home of Trooli and where our full fibre FTTP journey started. We have been taking orders in King’s Hill and Kate Reed Wood since 2017. Only 5% of premises in the UK have access to full fibre broadband. Thank you to all our customers that have joined us since we started out – we hope you are enjoying the benefits! Don’t forget to leave us some feedback on Facebook @troolifibre