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Code of Practice

Please refer to our definitions here when reviewing the below.

Complaint handling and dispute resolution for Residential and Business Customers

We always aim to provide you with a high quality Service. Sometimes we do not get everything right or it may not be clear whether the Service we have provided is the one that you have paid for.

If you have an issue or a complaint about the Service we have provided, we would like to hear from you. Our aim is always to provide you with not only the Service you have paid for but to ensure that your expectations are met. If you have a complaint or issue, we would like to investigate and resolve it.

Our guide for complaints handling and dispute resolution procedure is set out in this Code of Practice.


This Code of Practice provides a clear statement of who we are, and how we provide support to our Residential and Business Customers. It provides sufficient information for you to understand the dispute resolution process should you have any reason to initiate a dispute or make a complaint in relation to our Services.

Nothing within this Code of Practice forms or is intended to form any contract between you and Trooli. Our Terms and Conditions, including the Price Guide, describe the current Products and Services available from Trooli. Nothing within this code of Practice affects your legal rights.

About Trooli

Trooli Ltd is a limited company incorporated in England and Wales (Company number: 04366668).

Trooli Ltd’s registered offices are situated at 18 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, England, ME19 4AE.

We provide broadband Services across the United Kingdom.

How to get in touch with us if you have a complaint or issue

Trooli intends to provide the best possible Service to its Customers. From time to time things can go wrong – should this happen, we want to resolve any complaints you might have. Please get in touch with us so we can attempt to put it right. If you’re not satisfied with our resolution please follow our complaints procedure below. We commit to resolving issues in efficiently and promptly.

If you wish to raise a complaint please contact us using any of the channels listed below and ask Customer Services for a complaint reference. You must quote this reference in future correspondence relating to your complaint.

Telephone – 0800 358 7680
Live chat – found on our website at
E-mail[email protected]
Mail – Customer Services, Trooli, 18 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4AE, UK

What information we need you to provide to help you with your complaint or issue

When you contact us, please could you provide the following details:

  • The date(s) and time(s) when the Services were due to be provided and the date(s) and time(s) when they were in fact provided.
  • What Services did we provide? What parts of the Services did we not provide?
  • If we did not perform some of the Services well or in accordance with what you and us agreed please let us know what the particular problem or issue is. The more detailed/specific you can be, the more helpful it will be to us (and will hopefully allow us to resolve your complaint or issue more quickly).
  • How the Services did not meet your expectation(s).
  • Here we would like to know more how we dealt with you as a Customer. For example, whether we were easily reached by telephone, returned your calls, whether our staff dealt with you courteously.
  • Who carried out the Services?
  • What remains to be done?

How we will deal with your complaint or issue

At Trooli Ltd complaints or issues are handled by Customer Support.

Stage 1 (Acknowledgement) – After we hear from you, we will usually confirm receipt of your communication within 2 working days of us receiving it. You will receive a complaint reference number as part of that receipt.

Stage 2 (Raising the complaint) – Once you have a complaint reference number, please send us details of your complaint along with your complaint reference number. You may do this via e-mail or mail.

Stage 3 (Internal investigation) – We will carry out an internal investigation. This will usually take a few working days. During this period, we may need to contact you to get further details about your complaint or issue. While we investigate, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail. If you are unable to reply within a few days, we may not be able to resolve the complaint or issue.

Stage 4 (Our response) – We normally expect to provide a substantive response to a complaint or issue within 10 working days. We may respond in the following way:

  • we may agree with your complaint or issue, and:
  • either provide the Service again; or
  • if the deficiency in our Services has been minor, we may suggest that we reduce the amount you need to pay us (or offer a partial refund where you have made payment); or
  • offer a full refund so that you can obtain some or all of the Services for another provider; or
  • where the complaint relates to damage caused to your property though our negligence in performing the Services, we may offer compensation to rectify the damage.

We may not agree with your complaint (whether in whole or in part), and we will normally provide a written explanation of why we do not agree with your complaint or issue. If we agree with some of your complaint, we may offer one of the suggested solutions in this Section 7.8.4.

Stage 5 (Escalation to a Manager) – If you are not satisfied with our proposed plan of action, please write to us by e-mail or post quoting your complaint reference number requesting that your complaint be referred to the Customer Services Manager. You will then receive a further written response within 10 working days.

Stage 6 (Escalation to a Director) – If you are still unhappy with the proposed plan of action, please write to us by e-mail or post quoting your complaint reference number requesting that your complaint be escalated to our Director of Technical Services. You will then receive a further written response within ten working days.

Stage 7 (Independent adjudication) – If you are not happy with any of our responses, we may then suggest that the dispute between us should be referred to an organisation which can arbitrate or mediate the dispute. It is our usual internal procedure, that if we have not reached an agreed settlement within eight weeks of receiving your complaint, or we agree in writing before eight weeks that the dispute should be settled by independent adjudication, you can refer your complaint for independent consideration through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This is not compulsory but can prove useful where the dispute involves a complaint or issue with your broadband Services.
We are a member of the Ombudsman Services scheme which offers an arbitration scheme. This is an independent dispute resolution service and is approved by the UK telecommunications regulator, Ofcom. Further details about this scheme can be found at Ombudsman. Please note that the Ombudsman Services can only assist you if you have completed stages 1 to 5 of our dispute resolution process above, and you have given us adequate opportunity to resolve your complaint or issue.

If you do not wish to accept our decision or you do not wish to use an arbitration or mediation scheme we suggest, you are free to use other remedies available to you under English law, such as using the courts.

Sometimes it will not be possible to resolve a dispute to a Customer’s satisfaction. If this is the case we will let you know that we have dealt with your complaint or issue as far as we can. We hope that this will not happen but in such a circumstance you will still be able to follow the available remedies under English law, if you so wish. You may wish to consult such organisation as your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Citizens Advice consumer service.


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Phone: 0800 054 1333
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Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 09:00 - 17:00
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