Coronavirus Update

You may wonder why you are still seeing our vans and engineers on the road in the current climate.

The Government has classified the telecommunications infrastructure as a critical service, enabling businesses and society to function as effectively as possible during these challenging times, whilst helping the economy to recover quickly once the crisis is over.

This classification regards both the maintenance and the continued extension of our full fibre network. Our staff and those of our contractors have been designated as key workers, receiving exemptions to movement restrictions and we are therefore continuing with our operations under the full approval and guidance of the UK Government.

The wellbeing of our customers, staff and the public remains foremost in our operations. Our working processes are constantly monitored and reviewed to follow all Government advice and to minimise any risk of exposure to or transmission of Covid-19 and we ask the public to help us protect our field staff, and themselves, by following social distancing guidelines if they do come across Trooli employees.

Extending our Network

Our Full Fibre broadband network is designed to provide reliable, ultrafast and guaranteed broadband speeds to areas within Kent, particularly those that struggle to achieve suitable speeds with existing networks to continue their daily life from home.

As per Government guidance it is clear that access to networks such as ours, especially in the current climate, is equally important for those in new areas as well as those we currently operate. This will ensure even more people can work from home productively under the current Government advice and help boost the economy once current restrictions are eased.

Therefore we are continuing to extend our network whilst ensuring our team follow all Government and social distancing advice, as well as our ongoing health and safety standards.

If you do see our engineers, please appreciate their role within this important infrastructure and the specific Government direction received and help maintaining social distancing protocols.

We will also continue with responsible marketing efforts to drive awareness of our network and how it can help individuals during this time.

Connecting Customers Safely

We are already seeing increased demand for our network due to the increased needs of those working or schooling from home and are continuing to connect new customers so they can do so with the speeds and confidence they need.

Our installation team follow all advice to do this safely and not put customers or staff at risk, with a number of new policies put in place to ensure safety and the ability to connect you with a temporary installation, without entering your home:

  • All Trooli employees, including our engineers, are reporting daily to ensure they are clear of any potential symptoms, with those showing any signs self-isolating. No engineer exhibiting any symptoms will visit your house.
  • Two days before any planned visit, we will call you in person to check whether anyone in your household is self-isolating or could be showing symptoms. If so, we will reschedule your activation at the
  • earliest, safest opportunity.
  • On the morning of your activation, our engineer will also call to confirm your appointment and again, confirm that no-one in the household could be showing any symptoms. Again, if so, we will reschedule your appointment at the earliest, safest opportunity for all parties.
  • During this period, if any customer wanted to delay their installation, our Service Activation team will be happy to do this.
  • During any internal installation our team will wear disposable, latex gloves when touching any part of your property or equipment, such as our Trooli router and adhere to social distancing measures.
  • Our team have also created a temporary solution to connect your property without entering your home. Our activation team will be able to discuss this with you in person.

Protecting our People, Network and Operations

As a technology business we are well prepared for the changing demands of the working landscape.

We understand the importance of our broadband network to our customers. Our full fibre network has been designed and built to deliver our guaranteed speeds irrelevant of network demand, ensuring you have the ability to confidently access your favourite streaming, gaming or video conference apps, which are playing such an important role in people’s current day to day lives.

Once this period has passed, our network will continue to play a significant part in helping the nations recovery and be ready for the inevitable changes in working practices that will follow across business.

All of our relevant departments are now working from their homes, with new working policies put in place to ensure this change is not felt by our customers, at the time they need it most. Whilst this may impact the speed of some operations on occasion, we do not envisage any significant impact to our services.

On the rare occasion where they are needed, our engineers are on hand to fix any issues as quickly as possible, whilst continuing to follow all Government protocol.

In addition, we are extending the hours of our sales, helpdesk and network teams to provide increased support in this time.

Help and Tips

Whilst our helpdesk is still fully operational, we would ask customers to explore our FAQ section in the first instance for advice on common topics including broadband speed, WiFi coverage. If you need any further advice having reviewed these, our helpdesk will be more than happy to help.

Moving Quickly

This situation is new to us all and constantly evolving. Our leadership team are reviewing the situation on a daily basis to ensure we continue to deliver the best service possible to our customers.

Any further updates will be shared here in due course.