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Follow our step-by-step guide to solve your issue.
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Try some of these checks below and then run the speed test again.


      1. Ethernet cable – Try changing the ethernet cable between the device and router.
      2. Router port – Try changing the ethernet cable to another port on the router.
      3. Multiple devices – Switch off some of your devices. Each device connected will take up bandwidth and the speeds to your router are shared between all devices connected in your home.
      4. Another device – Try and hardwire another device and see if the speeds improve. Some devices have different speed capabilities.
      5. Downloads – Downloading games/films/software can reduce your speeds because it will take up bandwidth. Ensure no downloads are happening during the test.
      6. Firewalls – They can restrict the speeds, so please test behind the firewall if possible. (Disable the firewall on your pc or laptop).
      1. Wireless test – Try doing a wireless speed test on the 5Ghz network on the same device, do the speeds improve?
      2. VPN – Do you use a VPN? A VPN will limit the speeds on your devices, so please ensure they are disconnected during the test.
      3. Powerline adapters – If you are hardwiring to the Trooli router using a powerline adapter, your internal wiring will reduce the speeds. Disconnect and try the speed test again.
      4. Mesh system – If you are hardwiring into the mesh system, it can reduce speeds as the discs are connected either via wireless or through your internal wiring. Switch off and try the speed test again.
      5. Switches – Testing through switches can cap the speeds. Please test with this disconnected if possible.
      6. Internal network – These can decrease the speeds achieved on devices. To test reliably, it is best to disconnect this before completing the speed test.

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