29 October 2019

New research shows benefits of 5G and full fibre to local authorities

Author: Mark Jackson, Editor,  ISPreview

A new piece of research from Oxera has helped to highlight some of the benefits (better employment, increased economic activity etc.) that UK Local Authorities could expect if they help to roll out 5G mobile and “full-fibre” broadband.

At present, it’s quite well known that the different approaches to street works, permits and planning permission – among other things – that exist between local authorities can sometimes make it more difficult for operators to roll out fibre optic (FTTP) broadband ISP networks (examples here and here). Resolving this will be vital if the UK is to stand any chance to meeting the Prime Minister’s full-fibre for all pledge by 2025.

Here is a summary of some of the benefits 5G and full-fibre broadband can bring;

Existing businesses

Existing businesses can expect to benefit from business expansion, improved productivity and greater turnover, as a result of improved access to existing markets, entry into new markets enabled though improved communication and distribution channels, and the ability to offer innovative new services.

Improved employment opportunities

Evidence shows that improved broadband speeds and greater penetration of fibre in an area will lead to increased participation in the labour market and higher employment levels linked to the creation of new jobs.

Private benefits to consumers

There will be private consumer benefits in terms of access to a greater number of services. These benefits will be reflected in increased consumer surplus, i.e. the difference between willingness to pay (value) and the actual price. Consumer surplus will increase where price declines as a result of increased competition and/or willingness to pay rises as a result of increased connectivity and enables access to new and valuable services.

Consumers may also experience improvements in subjective personal wellbeing, for example from the greater range of entertainment or education options or increased social inclusion.

Benefits to LAs

At the local level, public service providers, such as LAs, could benefit from cost savings in the delivery of public services and benefits associated with the improved economic environment.

Increased economic activity can have a number of benefits for a local area, both directly through some additional income (for example through business rates) and indirectly (through assisting with a range of other LA objectives facilitated by increased economic activity such as reduction in antisocial behaviour or deprivation).

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