01 October 2019

Trooli qualifies for ‘Path to Collaboration’ (PTC) regarding Openreach PIA Network Adjustments (NA’s)

Call Flow (aka. Trooli) secures a major milestone towards its goal to accelerate FTTP build plans to small towns in South East England

Established broadband provider Trooli announced today that it has qualitied for ‘Path To Collaboration’ for Openreach Passive Infrastructure Access (PIA) Network Adjustments. Trooli has been one of the leading consumers of PIA for many years and has supported Openreach in the development and evolution of the PIA product. It is therefore fitting that Trooli is one of the first Communications Providers (CPs) to be awarded PIA Path to Collaboration status.

This award coincides with Trooli completing its second tranche of full fibre network roll out in West Malling, Leybourne, Ryarsh and Coxheath, taking the total number of FTTP premises passed to over 10,000.

Christine McCabe, Network Planning & Implementation Director for Trooli said: “The award of PIA collaboration status by Openreach is a major milestone in the development of Trooli’s build capabilities. It has been great working with the Openreach team, who have been very supportive through the whole process. Path to collaboration is a milestone for Trooli because it cements the relationship we have developed with the OR team and puts us in a position of trust. We no longer have to wait for field validation once our network adjustment has passed desktop approval, (subject to an audit sample), and this will improve efficiency and allow us to streamline our processes. We look forward to becoming slicker whilst still meeting the required standards for Self Provide.”

Gavin Rae, Principal, Physical Infrastructure Access, Fibre & Network Delivery of Openreach said: “I would like to pass on my thanks to you and the wider team for their great work, good documentation and a high quality of requests into our front office. The teams are working in a collaborative manner and it is great that we can move to the next stage in the PIA journey and offer this to you as one of the first CP’s.”