21 June 2019

Trooli worth the wait

We are very excited here about the launch of Trooli. Full fibre broadband like ours is only available to 5% of premises in the UK, and we are really proud to be starting out in the towns and villages in Kent that, in the past, have been among the last in the UK to receive broadband upgrades.

Over the coming weeks you may spot some of our strikingly honest, bright yellow adverts in local train stations, roadsides, and local press. You may even see one of our brand new Trooli vans out and about. But Trooli is not just about some new colours and nice adverts. We are also updating all our systems that will help you interact with us and bring you an excellent service.

Please help us spread the good news about Trooli, which is delivering the 1000 Mbit/s services  this area truly deserves. If you’ve checked out this website and like what you see, please subscribe to our Facebook page @troolifibre, like our posts and help us spread the message about our growing full fibre, ultra speedy network.