Trooli News

01 April 2020

Working from home? No problem with Trooli

Trooli full fibre broadband can take the hard work out of working from home.

Broadband issues add to your workload

Working from home is an essential right now, but with slow and unreliable broadband, even the simplest tasks become a challenge and productivity drops.

A survey conducted in March 2020 by MoneyExpert reports that 70% of Brits are more dependent on a good internet connection than ever before. 45% of surveyed respondents reported finding it difficult to connect to video meetings when more than one person in the house is using the internet.

Deadlines? You’ll slay them with Trooli

Whether you have hefty files to download and upload, or an increased need to video conference, you can rely on Trooli to deliver, even with an increased demand on these services.  With guaranteed speeds of up to 900Mb, we’re way ahead of the average UK broadband speeds — they’re only 46.2Mb for downloads and 6.2Mb for uploads*.

Truly fibre, truly fast

Trooli broadband is truly fast for the simple fact that it’s carried all the way to each household or business, by pure fibre optic cable. This is known as Fibre To The Premises.

Other providers, some of them very large and well-known, only have fibre up to the green BT street cabinet — it’s known as Fibre To The Cabinet or FTTC. The rest of the way they use old-fashioned, unreliable copper wire, causing reliability and speed issues.

It’s time to step up the pace, take a look at our packages and sign up for Trooli today.

*Ofcom’s ‘UK home broadband performance’ report, April 2018.