Our ultrafast network requires a certain level of existing infrastructure to be in place to enable us to reach your property with a full fibre connection.


Unfortunately, our surveys have identified this is not available at your property, meaning we are unable to provide a service as yet. This could be due to missing ducts or requiring access to telegraph poles carrying electricity.


We are continually reviewing new installation methods, whilst also securing agreements with relevant power networks, in order to reach more premises like yours. Please register your interest below and we promise to be in touch once we are able to connect you!



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"We made the move to Trooli in November it is the best thing we have done regarding our phone and broadband provider. We took the 300mps package and this has never failed to produce the guaranteed speeds."
Adey, Jan 2021
"It just works superbly. From order, installation and service delivery everything has been great."
Steve, Jan 2021