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Even with our ultrafast full fibre speeds, other factors can get in the way of the perfect signal, such as house size, wall thickness and building age. Trooli Wi-Fi Plus is here to boost signal coverage within your home and help remove those pesky dead spots. The perfect wingman to our Trooli Wi-Fi 6 router.

Wi-Fi Plus


Wi-Fi 6 Technology

For a super smooth multiple user experience

Seamless Integration

An easy companion to our Wi-Fi 6 router - just plug and play

Maximum Coverage

Eliminate the signal blind spots in your home

Threat Protection

Against piracy and network attacks

No more no-go areas

Using the latest in Wi-Fi 6 technology, our Wi-Fi Plus system will switch your device seamlessly to the strongest signal in your house. Always connected, never disrupted.

*This diagram is for illustrational purposes only and every home is different. The need for Mesh can be impacted by router placement, size of house and wall construction.


Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Trooli router allows for faster throughputs, better performance in dense multi-user environments and improved battery lifetime of connected devices. Want more info? Download the technical specs of each of the systems below.

Trooli Router

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Phone: 0800 054 1333
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Opening Hours
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