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15 March 2021

Top Tips for working from home

Up and down the nation mums and dads are trying to juggle childcare, home schooling and keeping on top of work. Whether you are set up in the kitchen or have turned the spare room into the office, working from home is here to stay. Whoever your provider, get your online set up ship shape with Trooli’s top tips for working from home effectively.

  • Close to you – Thick walls are one of the causes of poor Wi-Fi. If its practical work as close to the router as you can, if you can see it from where you are working then you’ll get better results.
  • Hardwire – Whilst full fibre broadband networks like Trooli can guarantee our speeds to the router, Wi-Fi speeds can be impacted by several factors outside of your provider’s control. So, it’s always worth hard wiring straight into your router for an all-important call to get maximum performance. Connect an ethernet cable from your laptop to your router to do this.
  • Switch off un-used devices – The average family home has as many as twelve devices connected to the internet at any one time, sharing your available bandwidth. Your TV’s, Sonos speakers, printers, and virtual assistants like Alexa are all pulling small packets of data even if they are not being used. If you haven’t got full fibre, switch them off to get your bandwidth back and increase speeds on other devices.
  • Turn it off, turn it on again – That’s right the old on and off trick can work. Whether you cannot connect, or your connection keeps dropping maybe re-booting your router can helpitch it offbriefly to allow it to re-set and pick up a better Wi-Fi channel for your devices.
  • Get a Booster – Amplify your Wi-Fi signal and avoid Wi-Fi blackspots in far off rooms by using a signal booster. These are commonplace and often just require a wall socket with lots to choose from online.
  • Upgrade your tariff – Households have become increasingly data hungry these past 12 months and if you haven’t got unlimited data to cope with multiple users and multiple devices then it’s time for a change. Look for an ultrafast tariff with a high upload speed like Trooli, which is great for video calls as well as unlimited data to make working from home that much easier.

To see what our ultrafast, full fibre broadband can do for you, visit or call 0800 358 7680.


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