Trooli News

04 January 2020

When it comes to broadband, Sky isn’t the limit

Truly fibre, truly fast

If you have Sky TV and Sky broadband, it could be time to try new tactics and consider a very different sort of broadband provider.

Trooli full fibre broadband is truly fast for the simple fact that it’s carried all the way to each household, or business, by pure fibre optic cable. This is known as Fibre To The Premises (FTTP).

Other providers, including Sky, only have fibre up to the green BT street cabinet — it’s known as Fibre To The Cabinet or FTTC. The rest of the way they use old-fashioned copper wire, which can be unreliable.

As average UK broadband speeds for FTTC providers are only 46.2Mb for downloads and 6.2Mb for uploads,* many users will be familiar with slowdowns at peak times and/or variable signal quality.

High-speed action? You could have it 

With Trooli FTTP broadband there are no slow-downs  — even at peak times. So when you (and the rest of the street) are glued to the all-important big match, you won’t experience the usual frustrations that can happen with slower, less reliable connections.

It’s time to step up the pace, take a look at our packages and sign up for Trooli today.

*Ofcom’s ‘UK home broadband performance’ report, April 2018.